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For the most hidden and beautiful village Pepelina along Lomovete Russe.

The village is scattered in three slope divided by the river Cherni Lom. Residents of the village between 9 and 22dushi, depending on the season (one of the most sparsely populated villages in Bulgaria). The village has no grocery store, the nearest town is Two Mounds of which brings bread three times a week at the request of local residents, but the village can do the shopping fresh organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, brandy, milk kravefvrma and small fish pond. Orlova Chuka Cave is located two kilometers away from the village and from the ashes Villa in priminavashta green path to the edge of the canyon. One of the most beautiful areas of the park Ruse Lom village is here Pepelina eye. Reserve and the river Cherni Lom village in obgrashtar hugs and keep it from major storms. Vazdohat here constantly circulating and according to research professors here and nakolko places in Bulgaria are the cleanest air, ideal for people with respiratory problems in the road and cardiovascular diseases.

Legend of the village Pepelina or rather legends that intertwine the stories of local

Once upon a time nobles who settled on the banks of Lomovete, and build fortresses and churches, rich and lived happily and monks spread out in caves and sanctuaries on the tops of rock formations in the canyons, limestone logging years.
But bad times came for them. With the advent of the Ottoman Empire began to build fortresses to protect the population, but it did not help. Okolieto chief lords of the castles and ruler understood that the end is coming, and decided to hide the princess, who was the most beautiful girl on this side of the Balkan Mountains and White River. Hid it in a cave above the village, which looks exactly to the fortress and the same height. There kadedo there was something like a fortress, but unfortunately now no trace or at least the naked eye does not notice. Locals say it was so, and the evidence today are the foundations of all the old houses in the village Pepelina in fences and gates can see traces of the old ornaments and exquisitely carved floral patterns that are not just random.
Going back to the legend of the name. The most beautiful girl was hidden about 40 meters cliff in a cave dug in the middle of nowhere, by the people and monks. Was completely usable up until 35-40 years has come to that in steps cut in the rock (like other rock sanctuaries and now the village of Ivanovo and Basarbovo) but collapsed. Today you can see perfectly cut two holes (right squares), which are like windows of the house. They hide it there girl, but beauty fame reached Chief conqueror of the region and of course he decided that it would be his biggest prey, reaching the place, he saw her and fell in love with the princess, but her father managed to away and hide it in a cave dwelling. When the Ottomans course that is hidden somewhere, and where he learned the place. In every way tried to seize the cave, and when finally his men managed to reach the girl, she jumps off the cliff (or king hit by some) to not be enslaved. Falling down in front of the oppressors, he crazy with rage and love at the same time and ordered it to be burned to the ground. Namely name Pepelina (village arose from the ashes), some say that the name was Princess Pepelina because it was like a Firebird.
I say that to this day you can see traces of the treasure-hunter raiding and carved (engraved stones and rocks around the village around it, and some secret caves and passageways connected different locations) with style and craftsmanship limestone, but Unfortunately, history is washed away by the time and has remained local adult people to tell tales, but today has turned its back on this truly amazing place (outside the range of civilization), of which no one bothers to revive and preserve history. At the moment of the legend of the cave above the village Pepelina can not be visited except by professional mountaineers and speliolozi and so interesting. Hopefully someday gentlemen present land managers in the region to wake up and make a legend of the village and Pepelina hewn cave above it accessible to all ordinary people who want to experience the story.