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Historical cultural destinations, close to the guest house and holiday villa

"Art Villa Orlova Chuka"

The area of ​​the park "Ruse Lom - Polomie" can only visit in Bulgaria active rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski" built by Tsar Ivan Asen II / relics of the saint were in Bucharest, Romania, Ivanovo rock churches from the 12th century, where there has developed world church movement hesychasm conflict with official religion, patronizing, rich and kings, the remains of fortress town of Red tenth century and in many places traces of Roman fortifications and even walk the Roman road near Orlova Chuka cave. The region has a Roman spring Crete in the bark of which Canyon to a green path.

Links to similar destinations for cultural heritage to visit:

Legend of the village Pepelina
Foursquare hewn cave in the rocks of the canyon above the central part of the village Pepelina.

Ancient stone crosses.
Ancient cemetery dating from around XVI - XVIII century Templar resembles recently discovered near the village Nisovo.

Convent St. Marina.
Located near the village Karan Varbovka the village 15 km. Pepelina the village.

Medieval fortress town red.
Located near the village of Red 14 klometra Pepelina the village.

Ivanovo Rock Churches
The village of Ivanovo, 20 km from Villa Art Orlova Chuka and village Pepelina.

Monastery of St. Demetrius Basarbovski
Located near the village Basarbovo 28 km. Pepelina the village.