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Enjoy a photo hunt

You can make photos or just enjoy the great variety of flora and fauna. Ornithologists and herbalists are in the right place at the guest house Art Villa Orlova Chuka. You may meet deer roes, rabbits, otters, foxes, jackals, wild dogs. There is a wide variety of butterflies. Our special whim for "spa relaxation and eco-therapy" is sitting on the edge of the canyon and you have just close your eyes, breathe fresh air, filled with the aroma of herbs and above you are flying birds. Hearing the sound of the wings of swallows that literally flyes meters above you added to the sound of the distant waterfalls and with good luck to the screams of the eagles rock - this is total relaxation.

Natural geographic data

120 million years ago this area was at the bottom of a water basin. The loess soils and the limestone cliffs in combination with the climate along the river contributed to the conservation of many endangered plants and animal species.There are over 700 species of plants. For the ornithologists interesting are more than 190 species of birds, including rare species of Egyptian vulture, golden eagle, short-toed eagle, red Shelduck. As an emblem of the park is the endangered species black stork which is a part of the Red Book. Hunters may encounter here roe deer, wild boar, wolf, jackal, wild cat, rabbit, fox, badger, several reptiles. For the fishermen there are over 22 kinds of fish in the river.  

Eco and Bike paths

The variety of rolling hills, fields, woods, rocks, caves and the river is ideal for many different types of hiking and biking eco trails, some of them are marked and will guide you from the village to the cave Orlova Chuka. For the experienced travelers there are opportunities for 2 to 8 hours tours in the area of the guest house. For the inexperienced travelers there are smaller and lighter walking routes near the Villa. The nature here offers you to see wonderfull landscapes. On the edge of the rocky canyon you can wait for the sunrise and sunse. We dare to say that the landscape around the village Pepelina are some of the most beautiful and unique in the area.

In the river Cherni Lom you can catch several species. The most common are: taranka (goldfish), chub, gudgeon, Barbel, gudgeon and others.

Good luck!