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Guest house Art Villa Orlova Chuka, Bulgaria village Pepelina, street Orlova Chuka 1

For contact:

Tel: +359 898 89 93 77 - Elena Bogdanova,

+359 899 50 47 56 - Ivelin Vlaykov


How to reach the guest house:

When entering the town Two Mounds (Dve mogili) you have to find the railway and cross it in direction to the villages Katselovo, Shirokovo, Pepelina. The railway is located near the central park and the big square with the only one statue in the city, which can not be overlooked. The village Pepelina is the first possible left exit after many turns along the forest. A signboard for the village lies on the left side of the main road on the background of the old mill. But it is placed a little bit inward and could be missed if you do not pay enough attention. Then please continue on the road untill you see a bridge. You have to cross the bridge and then take the left side of the road. After few meters you will see a plate for a Euro project on the road, continue straight along and down to the village. On your right side you will see the mayor vicariates of Pepelina, continue straight on the road untill you reach to the second bridge, cross it and take the left side of the road, which will lead you after few meters direct to the quest house. There is a big signboard on the house - Art Villa.