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The second largest cave in Bulgaria "Orlova Chuka"

Two kilometers from the villa guest cave "Orlova Chuka", which is the second dalzhina/13km./v Bulgaria after Duhlata cave near the town of Pernik. Open for visits of tourists, has a leader and has several large halls, many strange limestone rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and stalactones, needle-like crystals. The cave live in separate colonies eight species of bats. It was discovered accidentally in 1941 by a shepherd from the village Pepelina which is two kilometers away on the green path passing by the house. Still cavers / cavers / continue to study and numerous galleries. There are bones of cave bear and deer caves before Savage and nearly found flint scrapers and stone ax, also part of the pottery from 3000 BC

According cavers and regular visitors to the cave, she is the most beautiful in Bulgaria.

According Symphony Orchestra Rousse one of the rooms in the cave with the best acoustics, incidentally is called "concert". They have filmed videos of pestsi and perform marriages.


You know what it is to feel 101% darkness in a cave?