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The Art in the guest house "Art Villa Orlova Chuka"

Just by the name of the guest house you can imagine that this is a place which is decorated by artists and designers and is a center for writers, musicians and artists and all other art and eco lovers of course. Our guests can enjoy the beauty of the nature and in the same time to get in touch with painting for example. You can realize your fantasies. We can organize workshops for painters and photographers as well individual programs for the tourists. We offer you an alternative way to break into a cultural destination close to a variety of historical heritage. Through anti stress art therapy with paints, you can free your body and mind from the city stress and work pressure. Especially in a place like the village Pepelina which is tucked into the canyons of Roussse Lom wildlife sanctuary on the slopes above the river Cherni Lom even if you are not an artist you will feel thrilled to create something in the house for guests or away from other people somewhere in the fields, the river or in the woods. We wish you a pleasant and fruitful creative adventures cultural tourism!