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Welcome to the guest house Art Villa Orlova Chuka!

The guest house and ecoart center "Art Villa Orlova Chuka" is with capacity of 4 rooms on two floors with two indoor bathrooms, hot water, inflatable pool, tavern and summer kitchen with authentic fireplace barbecue. You have at your disposal kitchenware. Here you can taste bio products from our own garden and homemade jams. You can also try boutique wines. The guest house is with one star. The villa has a big terraced garden with organic agricultural products for the house according to the season. We have some hammocks for relaxation in the garden. If you like sport activities you can try archery. There is a large safe space for children's games. The home environment of the villa offers to the guests a peaceful and romantic holiday in a unique place in a nature reserve near the village Pepelina, located 40 kilometers from the regional center Rousse.

Art Villa Orlova Chuka is located one kilometer from the village. Рўhe house is located 2 km from the cave "Orlova Chuka." And it's all part of the National Nature Park "Rousse Lom".

The cave "Orlova Chuka" is with length 13 km. It's open for visitors and there is a quide for each tour. The cave has several large halls, many strange limestone rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and stalagmites, needle-like crystals. In the cave are living in separate colonies 8 different species of bats. It was discovered accidentally in 1941 and cavers continue to study its numerous galleries. There were found bones of bears.

In the area of the park "Rousse Lom - Polomie" you can visit the only one active in Bulgaria rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski", which was built by Tsar Ivan Assen II. Another landmark is Ivanovo rock churches from the 12th century.

All this beauty is worth to capture with a camera, to draw or just to remember.

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The guest house "Villa Art Orlova Chuka", with a capacity of 9 + 2 children and 2 extra beds in 4 rooms on two floors with two indoor bathrooms, hot water, inflatable pool, a tavern and a summer kitchen with an authentic fireplace, also terraced courtyard garden with organic farming. In the home offers a relaxed and affordable holiday in a unique site near the village Pepelina, located forty kilometers from the district center-city Ruse, who is a European port on the Danube. The city is connected with international road and rail routes.

The house is located one kilometer from the village and two of the cave "Orlova Chuka". All this is part of National park "Ruse Lom", the name of which comes from the river crossing and rocky woodland, forming a picturesque meanders its way with towering limestone cliffs above the bed, reaching in places a hundred metra.Teritoriyata the entire park is a nature reserve is 3408 hectares. Ruse Lom River is the last right tributary of the Danube is 196 km long 900 m, formed by the merger of the rivers Beli Lom and Cherni and springs from Razgrad and Popovski Heights.
120 million years ago there was bottom of the pool water. Loess soils and limestone rocks in combination with climate along the Loma, namely a mild winter and later coming spring contribute to the preservation of many endangered plant and animal vidove.Tuk reside 700 species of vascular plants and only plants in the country Caucasian coleus, and John diekanov mullein leaf. For ornithologists interest are over 190 species of birds, 110 of them nest in the park, including rare species of Egyptian vulture, golden eagle, eagle toed, Ruddy Shelduck. As an emblem of the park in the Red Book of endangered species of black stork nests in these rocks. Hunters may encounter here deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolf, jackal, fox, badger and fishermen has 22 species of fish. Amphibians in the park "Ruse Lom" are 9 species, turtles, 3. Only 8 species are lizards and snakes-7.

Two kilometers from the house is the cave "Orlova Chuka", which is the second cave dalzhina/13km./v Bulgaria after Duhlata to town. Open for visits has a leader and has several large rooms, lots of strange rock limestone formations, stalagmites, stalactites and stalagmites, needle-like crystals. In the cave lived separate colonies 8 species of bats. It was discovered accidentally in 1941 and still cavers / cavers / continue to explore and numerous galleries. There are bones of cave bear and deer inhabited the cave before primitive man, and nearly found flint scrapers and stone axes, also part of the pottery from 3000 BC

In the area of ​​the park "Ruse Lom - Polomie" can only visit in Bulgaria active rock monastery "St. Dimitar Basarbovski", built by Tsar Ivan Assen II / relics of the saint in Bucharest, Romania, Ivanovo rock churches from the 12th century, where has emerged worldwide church movement hesychasm in conflict with the official religion, patronize the rich and kings, ruins of the fortress town of Red tenth century and in many places traces of Roman fortifications and even walk on the Roman road near the cave. The region has a Roman spring.

All this beauty you can capture with a camera and a camera, draw, and that can create songs, poems, travelogues ...
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